Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's officially festive season!

After weeks of asking how many weeks until we put our Christmas Tree up, my 5yo son had a long day getting through kinder, then tennis lessons, then dinner before we finally told him it's time! Festive fever hadn't hit me yet, but it always does during tree decorating. The way he lights up over such a tedious task (well, the way my husband likes to organise it makes it seem tedious!) just makes it all worthwhile.

Our tree is full of 'handmade originals'! We don't have pretty ornaments or beautifully decorated baubles. Instead, from the time he could help me craft, we've had hand painted paper chains, undecorated baubles that he paints or scribbles all over with glitter glue, ceramic ornaments just lathered in black or blue or yellow paint, bits of paper from Christmas wrapping...you get the idea!

But I do love our tree, and all the reminders of the fun he's had each year helping put it up and decorating it. The last 2 years we've had additions from kinder as well.

(Please excuse the quality of the photos, my good camera is out of action :( ).

My son attends a kinder that runs by 'Play based learning'. The teachers have put together a fabulous blog on 'how to' ideas for kids, that are so cheap and soo much fun. I love kinder duty on days where the kids are creating something or experimenting! They are currently in the midst of Christmas decorating, but I thought I'd share the blog link for some idea for your kids too!

Play based learning blog

We have more new ornaments to create today and cards to decorate!


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